Thursday, June 9, 2011

5K Training- Week 3, Done and Done

Wanted to give you guys the quick 411 on my progress with my 5K Training!  I just finished up week three and I have to say, this program is amazing.  Granted I have never really done a running program before but I really recommend Couch to 5K!  The workouts are easy enough that I am not getting discouraged but hard enough that I am prepared for the next week.  I mix things up a smidge sometimes and do a little bit extra walking or running at the end (you know the standard finish up the mile at a run, walk up hill to round up the calories burned kinda thing).

Either way, I was able to get my patootie (yes that is my butt I am talking about) out of bed three mornings in a row this week! Monday I was still struggling from reunion weekend but Tuesday morning I woke up and was raring to go! Dominated that workout.  Wednesday, a little hard but got myself going.  Today I almost convinced myself that it would be better to do it tomorrow but no, I wanted those endorphins and I wanted them bad.  Man, I got em! Feeling good today!

Here is the workout I did. Simple, nice.

Maybe Ill even go for a nice walk today after work with Amy during our Old Navy and H&M shopping extravaganza. Amalamadingdong and I were supposed to do said shopping on Tuesday after work but we both vegged and got our lives situated.  Today, shopping with occur. Wish me luck!

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