Monday, June 6, 2011

Reunion Weekend and a Much Needed Healthy Detox

Hi lovers! So this weekend was a blast! It was great to go back to school for a little with the girls and spend some time on campus.  Check out this gorgeous view!
 Yup. I got to go to school there! You jealous?

All in all the weekend was filled with tanning, playing games, and reminiscing. Pictures are soon to come do not worry.

Now that I am home I am doing a much needed detox-esq week and some fabulous girly maintenance.  Tonight I am making my way down to Chelsea to fix my head.  A couple of weeks back I got highlights.  Love 'em for a little bit but I am missing my lovely brunette, natural locks, so I am going back.  Followed my some TJ's grocery shopping I will be all ready for a week of healthy eating, lots of stretching and some amazing baking. 

Tomorrow night, not one, but TWO muffin recipes will be made!

Hang tight. Off to read all your great blog posts for this weekend.  Catching up on my reader is my jam :)

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