Monday, June 6, 2011

Beating Diabetes

I am not one for the mushy gushy posts.  Personally, I am so inspired by others posts that usually I turn to them for the deep stuff.  I like to keep it nice and simple. 

However, that being said, brace yourself. I just created a team for the Walk to Cure Diabetes on October 2nd in NYC!  There are many important people in my life who suffer from diabetes, my best friend from childhood, the boyfriend and one of my closest friends from college, just to name a few.  Finding a cure for Diabetes is top of mind for me everyday.  Aligning with "healthy living" I believe that a Walk to Find a Cure is a perfect combination of doing something for an amazingly important cause, and reminding yourself everyday to feel blessed for your life and all you are able to do. Do you have anyone in your life who suffers from Diabetes?

Sam and I are going to kick Diabetes butt!
(Sam and I were Olympic weight lifters for Squash Ball in college- yup, SQUASH ball! But we really actually took the picture so one day I could post on this blog about how we are going to dominate Diabetes!)

For those of you in NYC lets walk! For everyone who wants to walk or participate, please do so at here!

Thank you guys so much if you are able to help. 

(Not too mushy gushy huh?)

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