About Me

Welcome to Bake a Little! I am Jessica. I am a Boston transplant living in New York City addicted to baking and anything sweet!

My friends always ask me before the pop in "please tell me there aren't baked goods are your place" and I always respond "you know there are, you know you want them and you know they are healthy".  I love baking and finding healthy option for my favorite treats.  Being able to grab a cookie and know exactly what is in it somehow makes it more satisfying! 

Random Facts that Sum me up:
  • Born and raised in Massachusetts- yup I am a Masshole, no shame
  • I have a small, but very real addiction to diet coke, yes I know it is bad for me please don't send me anymore articles about how its slowly eating away at my small intestine.
  • I know more about celebrity gossip than one person should ever know
  • I say "oy" at the end of almost every sentence- yes I am a Bobbe (you should know what that means if you say the word "oy") ... no I am not.
  • I am a strong believer that the color black looks good on everyone... but my favorite color is navy blue, and yes you can wear them together. 
  • I have never eaten a hamburger in my entire life and I do not plan to do so any time soon.  
  • I think its bad luck to cross a day off the calender until after midnight. 
  • I believe that "pam" can be a verb as in "Step 1: Pam the pan"
Favorite food: Pickles
Least favorite foods: Anything involving things that live in the ocean
Favorite cuisine: American
Favorite thing to cook/bake: cookies- so fast, so easy
Guilty pleasure: Pinkberry. Any flavor, any size, with extra fruit.
Favorite desserts: Ice cream- A day without ice cream is no day at all
Favorite fruits: blueberries, pineapple, strawberries
Favorite vegetables: broccoli and uncooked yellow peppers
Exercises of choice: walking. If I could I would walk everywhere
Least Favorite Exercise: Running, biking on the stationary bike at the gym (it hurts my butt!)
Sports I played: Squash
Favorite TV Show: Friends

Sweet tooth, is an understatement. If I could, I would eat all sweets, all the time. After realizing the inevitable downward spiral that this would create, I decided to take matters into my own hands and make my own healthy treats, and create health-ier spin-offs of my favorite classics.  Sometimes things turn out perfect, sometimes far from perfect. I do not want to lead you to believe the every cookie is baked equal, therefore, I have instituted a "star fabulous" rating system for everything I bake. 1 star means this decadent four layer cake belongs in the trash, and 10 stars mean its time to buy a lock for the snack cabinet because you will devour the whole tray. I have rallied some great taste testers: roommates, sibling, friends, people-at-work-who-don't -know-they-are-taste-testers, and with their delicate pallets, everything receives a "star fabulous" rating. 

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