Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bradley Cooper is Pretty and I am a Klutz

Last night I went a private early screening of the Hangover 2 (lucky me!)

It was wonderful to get to go to a free screening of a movie that I wanted to see. Ask anyone, movies are my jam and unfortunately, in the city, they also dominate my wallet. So free movie- sign me up! I got to catch up with some old friends and meet some new ones and all in all it was great fun. Except when I was the definition of a klutz

and spilled my free popcorn all over the floor :(.  That's alright though because Lisa (you guys remember Lisa and her chocolate covered goodness around Easter time) brought me a big bag of Sour Patch Kids which are my absolute favorite. She is the greatest!

So about the movie.  Lets put it like this- I am happy I saw it, I wouldn't see it again, and I absolutely would not see it with my father.  The plot was exactly what you think it is, same as the original Hangover.  The movie was funny, but just a little over the top and sometimes uncomfortable funny.  That's fine tho, Bradley Cooper is pretty and I will watch him do anything for 2 hours... almost anything...

Dont worry guys! Lots of baking to come- busy week with the long weekend but I've got about a billion things that I want to make so I am sure some of them will be created for the Memorial Day BBQ!- Till then, I shall just ramble. 

So the important questions- will you go see the Hangover 2? Is Bradley Cooper as Pretty as I think he is?

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  1. i would literally throw myself at bradley cooper if i ever saw him, haha!