Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Only-Eat-What-You-Have Challenge (and a Soup-For-Lunch-Kinda-Day)

I just HAD to share this with everyone. Is anyone else as addicted to soup-for-lunch kind of days as I am?  Today has been one of those days where I have been go-go-go all day long and lucky for me, the lunch I brought to work is satisfying and delicious. Soup!

I am currently doing a challenge (with myself- yes I play games with myself, keeps life interesting :))  where I am trying to only eat what I have in my apartment from now until the 6th of June.  I realized last week that these next two weeks I am out of the city a lot!  This weekend is memorial day so I have a long weekend and will be heading back to Beantown for some family fun (you guys know how I feel about my fam :)) and then the following weekend is my college reunion (woot!) so I have another long weekend and will be trekking my butt to Maine.  Therefore, I concluded that although I am absolutely dying to buy lots of yummy produce and fresh veggies, it doesn't seem to be the most economically friendly option. Therefore- challenge has begun!

Today for lunch I brought this and scarfed down lots.  Followed by some hummus and carrots and this girls is good to go!
Please note my nail polish color from Amy and my Manicure Massacre- I am big into peach (this is the closest color to peach I could find)  today apparently- nails, sweater and earrings!

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