Wednesday, May 25, 2011

5 Year Olds Can't Paint Nails

Today's goal is to try and focus on how gorgeous it is outside, and not on how stressed I am about the effed-ness that is the apartment search.  O well! On to upbeat things- lets get that negativity outa here!

My 5K Training  is off to a great start! Yesterday's training was even easier and tomorrow will be my last day of super easy runs and I will start to branch into a little longer running, a little shorter walking. Exciting exciting.  Do you guys ever realize how amazing you feel after you work out? I know this is kind of a no-brainer, but when you really take the time to allow yourself to reflect on it- working out is pretty much the most amazing thing ever.

On a different note, Monday after work I met up with Amy over at Fruit Salad Life (if you aren't following her blog yet- what are you waiting for?!) and we went to get manis! Well.... we tried.  After meeting in the Midtown West near my office and wandering the streets- yes we were those obnoxious people that give you crazy sidewalk rage and you want to punch.. sorry!- we struggled to find some place to get our nails done so we ended up in a small little nail place in Hells Kitchen.  This was treacherous.  I mean... my nails turned out fine but Amy really struggled.  She eventually asked the woman to stop because she was butchering her nails!  This is a big issue for Ames because she takes pride in her nails and to align with her neon life style, they are always painted some fabulous color that just makes you want to smile all the time.  Well, despite the small 5 year old child that dominated Amy's hands... time spent with her was wonderful per usual and we were able to end the day on this note:
Smiles all around!

When you guys get your nails done, do you go for bright colors or something simple and neutral?

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