Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Best Day of the Year Beats Christmas Day

Today is what my sister and I like the call The Best Day of the Year Beats Christmas Day. My Faj is a twin so our entire family gets togehter on the Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend every year and do an amazing all you can eat Brunch at a fabulous hotel in Boston.  Much food is consumed.  Much love surronds us all and many a pant button pops from the amount of over the top scrumptious eats that are consumed.  Sometimes you just need to enjoy the days that are filled with moments like this: 

Lucky for me- I get a little break from me Only Eat What You Have Challenge for this fabulous weekend at home with the family. Made to order omelets, fresh fruit, made to order pasta- you name is, today, I am eating it.

Some people may ask me, "how can you claim to be living a healthy lifestyle if you are telling all your followers that today you are going to eat whatever you want and never look back?"- Everyone has a different style of "healthy living". Some people do very well on Weight Watchers (tried it, loved it for the time being, decided to try something else).  Some people love to count calories, or carbs. Some people are good at completely eliminating catergories of food (think: white carbs, saturated fats, etc). For me, I know that I can not limit myself because I begin to feel like I am missing out on life. The majority of the time, I make healthy choices because I know they make me happy, give me more energy, and overall, make me feel better.  However, sometimes, I eat whatever I want, feel stuffed to the brim, and look back with no regrets.  Today is one of those "look back with no regrets" kind of days that I have every year.  At the end of this brunch, I dont think about how many calories I have consumed or how much oil was in my omlete.  Tomorrows a new day- "healthy living" here I come. Today, I am going to create more moments like this:

More pics of this years The Best Day of the Year Beats Christmas Day.

Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend!

What are you all doing?

**I am not claiming to have the answer to how to live a healthy life for everyone. I am just say what is working for me right now. Everyone needs to find their own "healthy living" path.  


  1. Hey there! I love your post. It sums up my feelings on food so well. I try really hard to eat as well as possible, but if I didn't let myself have guilt-free indulgences once in a while I would eat horribly ALL the time. I know I've gotten off track if I feel sluggish or bloaty and can tone it back then.

  2. Exactly Karla! So happy you relate. Every once in a while, you've jut got to splurge :)