Friday, April 29, 2011

Asparagus, Eggs, Peeps and Chocolate? Not as gross a combo as it sounds!

Last night after work I went shopping at Gap with some gals and was quite successful!  Being the smart lady that I am I changed directly into my gym clothes in the Gap changing room so I had NO excuse not to make my way to the treadmill!

On my walk to the gym, Lisa gave me the best surprise ever!  A chocolate covered peep!!  Pretty much when it comes to melting, dipping, and refrigerating chocolate, Lisa is your girl.  I could not have been more excited since peeps are one of my favs by themselves.  The idea of having them dipped in the amazing chocolate that Lisa used for her delicious Lisa's Easter Chocolates was exciting enough that I almost devoured it right there on the street corner.

Luckily I showed willpower and trekked my butt (its 3 blocks, trek is an over statement) to the gym, got in a quick work out and then headed home to make some dinner. 

This isn't really a baking post although I will tell you how to make Lisa's amazing treats later so it definitely counts.  Before I get to that though, I just have to tell you about my dinner.  

While making a special treat for SOMEONE (s) birthday that's coming up I finally made this dish that I spotted on Gina's blog ages ago and was reminded of recently in the Power Foods cookbook (everyone should get this book it has great ideas and general nutritional information!).  

When I first saw the idea of combining Asparagus and Eggs on Gina's blog, I have to admit, I was pretty grossed out. I love asparagus. I love eggs.  The two together just did not make sense to me, except maybe in an egg white omelet. Never the less, I had one egg left and the carton was taking up a lot of room in the fridge so what the heck, I gave it a try.

I changed this up a smidge but this dish was UNREAL. 

10 asparagus spears (I used pre-cooked frozen spears from Trader Joes)
1 large eggs
2 tablespoons onions
1 tablespoon Feta cheese
Salt to taste

These steps are really easy. 
1) Pam a large frying pan and place onions to saute on one end.
2) Place asparagus spears in a microwave safe bowl and microwave 
3) In the same pan as the onions (on the other part) cook an egg (over easy)
4) Remove Asparagus from Microwave and top with cooked onions and then cooked egg
5) Sprinkle Feta
6) Enjoy!

And if you are luck and have stellar friends like this girl, you get to have THIS for dessert:
Lisa said this is how you make this:
1) Melt chocolates (same chocolates as for Lisa's Easter Chocolates)
2) Stick a stick in the bottom of a peep
3) Cover with chocolate and sprinkles
4) Refrigerate
5) Be amazing and wrap them cutely for your friends

This combo was the best ever.  Now just wait until Sunday to see what delicious bday surprise was made!

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