Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Roofs, Prosciutto and Good Company

So guys, if you know me at all, which you all do, you know that I am currently having one intense obsession.  No I am not talking feta or pickles, those are constants in my life and would be like saying I am obsessed with breathing.  Currently I need, I want, I gotta have me some of this:

All. The. Time. I love me some Pineapple Prosciutto Pizza, a nice fig prosciutto sandy, maybe some more Prosciutto Asparagus Pizza. You name it. I want it.

I promise this is going somewhere.

Because of my NEED for prosciutto, it should have been obvious to me when MS. JVO told me that she was making me a surprise dinner as a little late bday treat, that prosciutto would be involved.  Welp. Not only was it involved, it was the most heavenly dish I have ever had. 

Check that baby out.   That my friends is prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, melon and homemade pesto sauce (a light pesto sauce with just basil and shallots, no cheese).

Two forks and a bottle of wine later we were up on JVOs roof taking in the night and devouring that plate. 

I am still on cloud nine thinking about how scrumptious this was. Nom Nom Nom

That is all :) Just thought I would share!

What is one food you currently need, want, and gotta have?

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