Monday, June 13, 2011

I Am a Tinted Window- and I Bake Always

I am so excited to tell you all about my amazing weekend in Rehoboth.  Before I dive into that however, I wanted to tell you guys to go check out my guest post on The Spiffy Cookie! Woot Woot! First guest post.  Let me know what you guys think!

Well now, on to the good stuff.  This weekend in Delaware was amazing.  Great to see the BF. Great to meet his friends. Great to go go to the beach. Great to hang in the water. 

I am proud to say I am slightly less of a window! I am probably a tinted window now.  No not one of the badass tinted windows you see on trucks with rims.  More of the slightly tinted window that you see on your Grampa's old Buick.  I am not upset. Steps in the right direction either way.  

I am going to play a fun game I am calling the Top 5 Fabulous (or not so fabulous) Things That Happened in Rehoboth:

1) One pair of amazing sunglasses was lost- never to be found again.

RIP Sunglasses- you will be missed

2) Two boys swam out to a Drifting away boat- yup we anchored the boat, but obviously poorly because it drifted away. Far, far away. 

3) Three days were spent with the BF- not long enough but I loved every second.

4) Four amazing in a bag-blondies were eaten.  I accidentally opened this bag:

thinking that they were already made cookies and then had to make cause I didn't want flour bugs, or for them to go to waste.  Yes, I HAD to make them :) I told you, if I could I would bake my way through any day- baking occurred.

5) Five hot dogs were eaten in two days.Yup, two days, five hot dogs. No shame. You do not need a picture of that. That is not a pretty situation. 

All in all the weekend was wonderful. I cannot wait for another weekend out at the beach and to soak up some rays!

I am also super sad to say that I do not believe any baking with occur this week.  I am moving apartments (FINALLY) so everything is getting boxed up.  That is alright though, my new apartment is even closer to a grocery store- uh oh! 

How were your weekends?

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