Thursday, June 2, 2011

BDOYBCD Photos and I Heart Old Navy

Hi Guys! Hope everyone is doing well and all the Mass people are safe and alright.  I can't believe a tornado went through Massachusetts. My parents always used to say people moved to Mass to because nothing ever happened there and that's the best thing someone can ask for from a hometown. Well, my thoughts go out to anyone who was affected by the tornado!

Today I woke up nice and leisurely. I had decided last night that I wouldn't work out this AM as I am new to the morning workouts and I think that it would be a bad idea to burn out this early. I've got a 5K and 10K to be training for (eek what I am doing!?) 

O well, as promised more pics from The Best Day of the Year Beats Christmas Day Sunday extravaganza.  First of all, I believe it is quite necessary to note that this day is a celebration of my Faj (fajcity for those of you who really know me!) and his fabulous twin brother!  Birthday's are amazing. TWIN birthday's- redic. 
The men of the hour:
The men with their fabulous children/nieces and nephews:

The coolest lady in town with her grandkids:

Cuzcity, oldest to youngest:

And of course, just to top things off, you know you want just a little taste of the food that was consumed (these ones were all me :)):
After work today swimsuits will be purchased with my girl over at Fruit Salad Life, cupcakes will be made for SOMEBODY'S birthday and packing will be done.  College reunion this weekend! Here I come!

What is everyone up to this weekend?

O p.s. just got a deal for 10 dollars for 20 dollar worth of clothes at Old Navy- BOMBCITY- you know you want it:

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