Thursday, June 16, 2011

Apartment Pics

Hello Blog Family! 

Just wanted to pop in on this hectic day and say "hi".  Mom gets in tonight, dinner will be eaten, and trying to throw my life into boxes will be attempted.  Thought you might want a little sneak peak of the new apartment! Cannot. Wait. For. Tomorrow.  In I Move!

OOO Kitchens are fun (much baking to be done in this bad boy!):

(you know you love my sunglasses- don't lie)

Bathrooms are fun too- look how clean and pretty!

View from the balcony off of my room! (Yup- BALCONY)

Cant wait to move in!  Stay tuned for another great guest post tomorrow from Jenny over at Feet of Fancy!


  1. love your blog. you have a good sense of humor! can't wait for more posts!