Thursday, July 7, 2011

5K, 10K Training- Love/ Hate Sitchy

So I realize that I have been neglecting the exercise portion of my blog so I decided it was due time to update you on my (5k) 10K training! Welp lets just say, things are heating up!

I am officially on week 7 of the Couch to 5K plan and we have a love/hate relash.  Yes, I absolutely love that feeling as I prance down the streets of New York after my run feeling powerful and strong and wearing "I just worked out and your jel" sweat all over my fun Nike track shorts, but, while said run is happening, I look a little bit like this:

The interval training that happened the first five weeks was pretty right up my alley.  Running then walking left me satisfied but not felling sluggish.. Well my dear friends, interval training is over and its time to hit the treadmill at a nice run, consistently. My body hates me.  As I have told you all before, running was never really my jam. I always made excuse after excuse for why I just "couldn't run"- I don't have the lung capacity, I am bottom heavy (which is pretty much a lie...), my back hurts.  I am sick of it, so about 7 weeks ago I decided to take charge.

A lot of people probably say that training for a 5K should not take 9 weeks and that if I pushed myself hard enough, I could run 3.1 miles today.  Well you are right about part of that.  I am sure that if I pushed myself hard enough I could run 3.1 miles today, but I would end up being as discouraged as ever and making more excuses for why I "cannot run". I decided to do a program that would teach me to love running and would allow me to learn to trust my body and its capabilities.

Yesterday's run was probably the worst one yet.  I have had 6 weeks of great workouts and things have consistently gotten a little harder as I went along. However, yesterdays was like sticking forks into my eyes. Dull forks. I blame the weekend jousting tournament. However, looking back I am deciding to have a combination of positive outlooks about it:

1) It wasn't that bad, you made it out alive, move forward
2) It was terrible, therefore it cant get much worse and you made it out alive, so its only up from here! :)

I enjoy these. Either way, my 2.5 mile run yesterday (which took me 26.37 minutes, I have no shame, I am still learning how to be a runner, speed comes after) is now over and I am looking ahead to my 2.5 run tomorrow and Sunday. (hey, I am supposed to run 3 times a week but I have had such a mess of a week with the long weekend do you think its OK to count Sunday into this week's training as long as I don't count it with next week's as well? )

How are you guys doing with your training? Any of you make excuses that prevent you from pushing yourself?

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