Friday, June 24, 2011

For Your Birthday- I Grew You a Cat

Hi Guys!! So for those of you who noticed I was MIA yesterday its because it was my birthday! Woot! Birthday Birthday!

I had one of those days where the little things truly made everything perfect.  My co-workers brought me to a fabulous lunch and gave me cupcakes from Crumbs- NOM.  I got a hilarious card that looks like this 

and Mama Nay Nay and Faj bought me a beautiful bamboo. If you knew my boss at all you would understand the hilariousness of him picking this card for my birthday... but then again you don't.. soooo moving on!

For those of you who live in this area, you know that it was kind of a dreary day but no worries. With the help of Ms. Amy and the lovely Degie and D, the evening deffinitly started off on the right foot- Pizza slices at the famous Gotham Pizza on the Upper East Side.  If you haven't been there, you need to go. The slices are amazing and pretty much any fast food restaurant that also serves fountain soda works for me! 
I wish this was a picture of my pizza but again, bad blogger so I sniped it from here but it is a quite accurate image of what I consumed.

We later went to Dorrians (eh-not fab) and then D and I had and amazing stumbleupon moment.  While walking to the subway to go to the Gramercy Theater for what turned out to be an amazing night of fabulous concerting we were chatting about In & Out Burger because I have never been and D, in her West-coastiness was appalled that I didn't go with Faj last summer when we drove the coast.  Either way, she started chatting about how much she would give her left arm for Shake Shack.  After yelping, hopstopping and giggling on the street corner we eventually gave up our search seeing as all of our technological devices were telling us to throw in the towel.  Set on Duane Reading for some Sour Patch Kids, we walked 2 steps (nope not 2 blocks, legit 2 steps) and what did we see but this!
 Well not actually that because again, I stink at remembering to take pics but this person stumbled upon that and its pretty similar to what we saw :)

Yes, the birthday Gods were looking down on me. 

This pretty much made my birthday.Yes there was amazing concerting afterward into the wee hours of the morning (and yes I am up and at work at 8:35 in spite of it), but that is another post for another time.

Funny how the simple things in life seem to make everything so much better.  Well, saving up my energy for this weekend's celebration festivities.  Sissy K is helping to throw me a party of which I know NO details.  I am a planner so as you might assume- I am stressed.  Sure its going to be fab!

What did you guys do on your bday this year?


  1. Happy Birthday one day late! It sounds like you had a fantastic day. :) My coworkers brought me a Crumbs mini pack for my birthday, too, which was super festive and delicious (also, I used the fact that they were minis to justify eating more of them...totally allowed during birthday consumption).

    Also I'm so excited you discovered the joys of Shake Shake! I have sampled In-n-Out as well, and maybe it's just my East Coast bias, but I'm kind of smitten with our version. Then again, my West Coast cousins would be up in arms if they heard me say that. Oh well. Burger goodness is all that matters!

    In answer to your bloggy question (p.s., love that you do those, by the way), my birthday was pretty low-key otherwise. My friends and I tend to find ourselves on the Lower East Side / in the Village, so if you ever need suggestions for bars of all varieties there (we made stops at ultra chill places as well as some that verged on dance clubs), I'm your girl! :)

  2. your birthday is the same as my best friend's! sorry i missed it! hope it was wonderful :)