Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Have a Problem

Is anyone else out there as painfully addicted to these: 
As I am? It's dangerous. Dangerous for my health, my teeth, my wallet, ALL of the above.  So, yesterday I had the smart idea to substitute those dreadful trigger drinks, for one of these:
Yes I know that this is equally as terrible.  BUT, yes there is a but, in the amount of time it takes me to drink one Coke Zero, I can easily bottoms up 6 Diet Cokes. Easily. Therefore this is my math:


Is the same as: 
Then I should definitely drink One Coke Zero, because I will be drinking significantly less soda throughout the day.  That is significantly less Aspartame, fake processed sugar and empty bubbles that convince me I really need to eat all those cookies! Terrible sweet tooth trigger- Adios! 

But honestly, who are we kidding, I will probably still drink Diet Coke often, at this point, however, any reduction is a good step.

Speaking of Diet Coke.  Does anyone else find this Pepsi Max advertising campaign a clever jab at their key competitor?


  1. oh my gosh Jess, just found your blog - how CUTE is it and how CUTE are you?!? Really hoping we can run into each other on 6th ave on our respective walks home from work again! hope to see you soon...and perhaps we can start a DC-addicts anonymous support group haha

  2. Diana-You are so sweet! Yes! DC anonymous here I come. Oy. Hope to see you soon!